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Navy SEAL Athletes Succeed at BUD/S.


There are many high-level athletes that comprise the SEAL Teams. These SEALs, such as Stacey Virgin, Nathan Hatfield and A.J. James, cite their athletic backgrounds as the reason they were successful during Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training (BUD/S). In the past, water polo, wrestling, boxing, rugby, triathlons, swimming and lacrosse were sports that have produced successful BUD/s candidates. The attributes learned in these sports include pain tolerance, persistence, and goal setting. As a BUD/S candidate you will learn about mental toughness and how Navy SEALs use special techniques to overcome adversity and meet daunting challenges head-on.


You don't have to be a star athlete, but you must have the desire. A boat crew in BUD/S mirrors a winning sports team. All throughout BUD/S the newly formed team must find a way to work together and accomplish the mission. Each boat crew knows their strongest and weakest link. The key to success is to identify the weak link, build it up and overcome any way possible.


No matter what your chosen sport, it will help you succeed at BUD/S and BUD/S will help you continue to succeed in your sport. The winning instincts that you've learned to perfect on the playing field, will be the same winning instincts that will bring you and your teammates home from the battlefield.


"The lives of my teammates and the success of our mission depend on me."


In the SEAL Teams, everyone becomes accountable and learns to lead at every level. In a team sport such as water polo or lacrosse, your teammates rely on you to defend your man or your area of the field. When deployed in the SEAL Teams, your teammates have to be 100% confident you've got their backs - that you can handle any situation.


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