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Fostering Community.

You're a former Team guy, perhaps even an old Frog. We respect that and we want you to know that we haven't forgotten you. Your NSW family is still here and doing well because men like you built a formidable legacy.


If you'd like to help us find quality young men to serve as the next generation of SEALs then you need to arm yourself with the latest knowledge about training and our organization. It's all right here on the site. If you'd like to take a step further and volunteer your services for helping us raise awareness in your area about SEALs, just contact us at 1-888-USN-SEAL or Email us at:


We often conduct awareness events in public venues across the nation and you may be able to help. We think you'll find the links below very useful in bringing you up to date on the latest application steps, physical training standards, and NSW community news. Welcome back.


Enlisted SEAL application steps

SEAL Officer application steps

BUD/S prep documents (PDF's) - Dive medical questionaire, ManMed, etc.

Ethos magazine

UDT-SEAL Association






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