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Navy SEAL Team Family Advice and Support.

Naval Special Warfare makes an enduring commitment to the SEAL from the moment he earns his trident. His family becomes part of the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) family. All current and former Navy SEALs are united by the commitment they made to defend the Constitution of the United States and the brotherhood that develops during training and service.


Navy SEAL moms, dads, guardians and family members are bonded together by their shared pride and concern for their SEALs. Together, the Navy SEAL family spans the world, with members ready to give advice or support for you and your SEAL. There is a distinct Navy SEAL culture-the brotherhood of the Navy SEALs-and you will be part of it.








Whether your son, loved one or student is still in the decision process, is waiting to ship to Recruit Training, or is already a recruit, there is a community of people who can share their knowledge, feelings and family resources with you. Join a family forum and reach out to others just like you or reach out to the SEAL and SWCC Scout Team for expert advice. Ask questions, meet with other family members, and stay abreast of the news articles and events happening in the Naval Special Warfare Community.


Download the newest issue of "Ethos" magazine. Naval Special Warfare's premier magazine focusing on forward operations and combat support. Each issue is packed with interviews, insights, and motivation.


An ombudsman, usually a spouse of a seasoned SEAL Team veteran, makes contact with immediate family members and acts as a conduit of information and sounding board for questions. An ombudsman can provide guidance on how to resolve the kind of issues that may crop up while a SEAL is deployed, such as how to take advantage of Navy Exchange and Commissary privileges, how to obtain base driving access, or where to find out information on health care insurance. Spouses, led by the ombudsman, often form a support network to exchange information. There is always someone at the teams who knows how to find the answers to family questions.


If you have questions that aren't answered yet, feel free to call the Naval Special Warfare Command (COMNAVSPECWARCOM) for immediate help.



Quarterdeck (619) 437-2848

Public Affairs (619) 522-2825





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