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PTG Injury Prevention Guide Questions

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  • PTG Injury Prevention Guide Questions

    Are the Lawnmower Pull, Hip Flexor Stretch and all of the resistance band\cable machine workouts and stretches holds or are they a repetitive motion? If a motion, how many should I do per set and how many sets? I wasn't able to find this info anywhere, but I may have not looked hard enough. Sorry if this is an already answered question.

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    Re: PTG Injury Prevention Guide Questions

    In the shoulder strength video, Lt. Cmdr. Jim Cowen recommends to do 10-12 reps of one of the exercises, so I assume it's the same as the strength recommendations listed in the PTG. I would also like some offical clarification on that, though, as well as some foot strengthening exercises due to a lot of running (over pronation being fairly common).