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Mental training programs?

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  • Mental training programs?

    I think its clear that being mentally tough you have a mind set to not give up. And this is one of the things that all SEALs have within them. So how do you achieve this. I think for me Judo and wrestling are mentally the toughest sports you can choose to do to get not just physically but mentally tougher. The self discipline taught in these sports is what really makes each sport/martial art unique. The mentality to strive to win and not quit under pressure is an truly powerful thing taught in these sports. Anything i take on in the world i relate to the physicall harship of these sports how it it toughened me up. So i would just recommend anyone who has maybe 1 hour or 2 a week in there schedule to try this and see how you feel mentally about obstacles.

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    Re: Mental training programs?

    Do a wall sit at 90 degrees for as long as you can. Most average people will start feeling it after 30 seconds. One minute in and you will probably be thinking "when does this stop?" 90 seconds in marks a point where your legs start to shake from fatigue and many people give up. 120 seconds in and you've gone further than most people on earth can possibly stand. Your legs can most likely hold you up in correct form for a while, but it's your brain and your pain that you feel that holds you back mentally.

    Get a stop watch and a wall and test your mental toughness this way through physical means. Keep beating your prior score every couple days to not only get stronger but also mentally tougher. Train yourself to not give up easily even when you feel you are at the end of your rope. One more second, one more second, one more second...
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      Re: Mental training programs?

      Plenty of sports can help to build mental fortitude. I would suggest playing water polo, as it is in my opinion one of the toughest ones out there, however, requires a huge time commitment in order to be an effective player, let alone keep up with the rest of the field. Doing static holds can also help with certain aspects too. The methods for developing mental strength are countless and shouldn't be narrowed down to one thing. I think that commiting to a challenging training regimen that is consistent and progressive is the best and most important method. This said routine can include "gut checks" as long as one doesn't over do it. Additionally you can include sports that challenge you as long as they don't impede on your core training.