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Question about the PTG

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  • Question about the PTG

    Hello all,

    The PTG gives very clear guidance on how to progress past the 26 weeks with cardiovascular training, but it doesn't say anything about progressing farther with calisthenics and core. I understand it has been said not to exceed so many push ups, sit ups and pull ups per day, but would it be a good idea to keep the same end number, but drop down my sets? For example, I have been doing 4 sets of 50 sit ups for a while now. I have been adding in more variation in the sit ups I do as they get easier, but would it be beneficial if, once they becomes pretty easy, to start doing like 2 sets of 75 and 1 set of 50, and then progress to 2 sets of 100, etc.?

    My second question is about the core workouts. I maxed out on the planks a while ago, and was wondering if it would be more beneficial to start going longer i.e. progress from 3X60 to 2X90 and then up to 3X90; or to simply add sets of 60?

    As a side note, I understand the difference between training and doing something just because it is hard. That's not why I said to progress on when it got easy. I said that because normally when you can do something easily you know you are ready to progress on...if that makes any sense to you guys. Haha.

    Thanks guys.


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    Re: Question about the PTG

    Search my previous posts for more discussion on these topics. For calisthenics, it is a good strategy to complete a number of reps in fewer sets without significantly increasing the total reps. For static core positions (such as front and side plank, and bridge) I encourage you to be able to hold these with perfect form and no effort for a minimum of two minutes and preferably up to five minutes.
    Mike Caviston
    Director of Fitness, NSWCEN


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      Re: Question about the PTG

      Thank you, sir.