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    i have recently came across an instagram that post great WOD's(workout of the days). WOD for Thursday 28, 2014: ?Option A: -Warmup: 2 mile jog, stretch. -Cal Development: Upper Body: 4x20 pushups, 4x15 diamond pushup, 3x10 dive bomber pushups, 30x 4-count arm haulers. Abdominals: 2x50 sit-ups, 2x50 leg levers, 2x20 atomic sit-ups, 2x40 4 count flutter kicks, 2x40 crunches, 2x20 sitting flutter kicks, 2x40 4-count scissors, 2x25 side crunches each side. Lower Body: 80x lunge, 50x star jumps, 80x side lunges each leg, 30x 8-count body builder. Pullups: 3x6 reg pullups, 3x6 wide grip pullups, 3x6 chin-ups,3x6 close grip, 4x15 dips. -Cardio: 3 mile jog or 1500m swim. option A is the same everyday but option b is different everydday. the instagram page user is "sof_sf_prep_workouts" it may not be hard for some people but its a good way to change your calisthenic workout up.