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Mid-Training Crisis

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  • Mid-Training Crisis

    I am allowing myself a year to train for SWCC . My PST scores are:
    Swim 10:50
    Push-ups 50
    Sit-ups 53
    Pull-Ups 3
    Run 11:50

    I know will be able to be contracted within a year, but I want to train for more than just the PST. I want to be ready for ALL the challenges that the SWCC pipeline will present.

    I have the various of training options listed below, but simplifying them to a solid routine has been overwhelming.
    - I work for the YMCA so I have access to all their classes (i.e. I can join their swim team, run groups, tri club, and yoga)
    -I work with a personal trainer twice a week on strength conditioning
    - I do a PST twice a week with my mentor and we do crossfit-ish PT after each PST
    - ofcourse there is the PTG
    - I own the book "8 weeks to Sealfit"
    - I have had membership to a crossfit gym for four months. The crossfit gym I go to focuses on power lifting.

    Using the information above, if anyone on here has either gone through BCT or knows someone that has graduated, what would be a solid weekly routine to follow to prepare myself to the fullest? I am thinking about dropping my separate crossfit membership with all these other options available, is this a bad idea?

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    Re: Mid-Training Crisis

    PTG. It can be found on this website. It has a 26 week training program that is tailored to where your current fitness levels are and it is very flexible. It was developed for the sole purpose of preparing candidates for Naval Special Warfare.
    "Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men. Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers. Pray for powers equal to your tasks. Then the doing of your work shall be no miracle. But you shall be a miracle." -Phillips Brooks


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      Re: Mid-Training Crisis

      I'll make it simple for you, follow the PTG to get your contract. After that start focusing on injury prevention and getting those miles up while maintaining your scores. Personally so you don't get burn't maybe choose 1-2 workouts a week to cross train and have a bit of variety. Last thing you want to do is get burn't and lose motivation, or even worse over train then plateau. Rest is very important to gains both mentally and physically. So have fun with your training.


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        Re: Mid-Training Crisis

        Good luck in your pursuit of Special Warfare Combatant Crewman. One of my elite friends told me about someone he met at B School that went SWCC. It's definitely a high paying and rewarding career.

        I can definitely sympathize with you on the pull ups because the most I did last time I maxed was two. There is to me knowledge only one exercise that prepares you for them. Lateral pull downs. Raise your arms overhead and pull down past your chin. I have purchased a traditional machine and with this workout. I set the pin at the maximum weight and do 10 reps per day. Eventually I expect to work that up to being able to do 90-100 reps considering I normally max at one pull up, if my weight goes down to what I want it to be(6'2 250-260 pounds which is still considered normal weight) then it seems like a max of sixty would suffice at that weight. By the way from what my friend told me he was a heavy guy. I talked on the phone with him through the first phase of BUD/S and he never called me or talked on AOL after that which was probably because he wasn't allowed to. I'm sure he's in the US Navy now doing great.