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Need help exercising!!

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  • Need help exercising!!

    I just joined the navy July 22 2015 and my ship date as of right now is July 13 2016 but my recruiter said if I get a seal contract that will most likely change. I'm 17 years old and have always wanted to be a seal. I know I'm late to exercising but I really want to be a seal and I think would be good to do it while I'm young. I did a mock pst without the swim only cause I didn't have access to a pool at the time.
    Push-ups- 62
    Sit-ups- 92
    Pull-ups- 10
    Run- 11.24
    I know that is horrible but that was with barely any exercise. I have been exercising a lot more and now I have a gym membership and access to a pool so I have been swimming. I just want any advice or any workout routines (running advice especially cause I feel like I'm not improving in running).thankyou.

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    PTG <--


    • #3 Training>Physical Prep>NSW PT GUIDE


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        Thank you for the feedback. I was looking in the PTG And it says to run and swim 3 times a week does that seem right or am I reading it wrong?


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          Yes you are reading it correctly. What is great about the PTG is you can critique it however you like if running is your weak area you can add in another LSD run. However I recommend not to run more than 5x a week. Read through it again particularly the last couple of pages.