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Training for BUD/S

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  • Training for BUD/S

    I am 5'10" 145 lbs. I am currently working out to gain weight and pack on muscle before I enter buds. Now, I don't plan on trying until after I finish my Bachelors degree (2.5 years). I do not run at all or swim at all at the moment, in fear of not gaining weight.
    I am small, but I am not weak and I am athletic. I don't want y'all thinking I'm some twig

    My question is: should I continue to pack on weight and get up to around 160lbs before I start conditioning, or should I condition while I bulk? And what would be some good workouts and routines to help me reach my goal.

    Not that this matters, but I'm 23 years old

    Any information will help, thanks guys.

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    Weight and strength do not have a direct correlation. Running is involved in most events at BUD/s. A huge reason for DORs (Drop on Request, or quiting) is injuries in the legs from not having a proper running base prior to attending BUD/s. It would be foolish to completely ignore running in your training regimen. Many successful SEAL candidates have a triathlete build, not a body builder build. In many (probably all) SOF selection courses, you have to be able to move your own body weight and be able to do it fast. It's easier to do that at 145 than 160. Read the STRENGTH TRAINING START HERE and the RUNNING START HERE threads on the forum.
    "Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men. Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers. Pray for powers equal to your tasks. Then the doing of your work shall be no miracle. But you shall be a miracle." -Phillips Brooks


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      My two cents.

      I would say train every aspect hard.. Especially including strength training in your case. If you naturally beef up than fine. (Which you will if doing good strength training) but I wouldn't recommend ignoring the others and simply trying to add mass. Train for strength and some mass will come naturally. I think you would greatly benefit from crossfit programming


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        Thank y'all for the response.

        Have you heard of or know anyone of my size going through BUD/S. I feel mentally I'm as tough as it gets, I'm just not a big person by any means. Thin and quick


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          I agree with all of the above. As for knowing of anyone your size going through BUD/s, I'll say this: guys of all sizes, weights, and backgrounds have become SEALs, from the big body builder to the "thin and quick" smurf. I'll also say that guys that look more like the hulk, tend to have a more difficult time in the water and running long distances. On the other hand, the "thin and quick" guys usually have a harder time during evolutions that involve carrying a lot of weight, like log pt. As for training, I strongly recommend using the NSW PT Guide on Also, since you say that you don't have a running or swimming background, I would recommend you slowly increase your distance (especially with running). The Stew Smith Beginner Running Program seems to be a really good for people who aren't used to running. It SAFELY builds you up to 3 miles.
          -Hope this helps, and train hard.


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            Don't worry about weight remember KISS Keep It Simple Stupid
            1. bodyweight exercises
            2. run/swim
            3. push pull sit ups
            hope this helps


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              Thank you everyone! I played soccer in high school so I do have a running background, I just haven't been running lately. Sorry, should have clarified. Swimming would for sure be my weakest link right now


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                Do not worry about your size at all.