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Thoughts on Routine?

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  • Thoughts on Routine?

    A program my friends and I devised to train for the Pst, any thoughts?

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    That's way too much- You don't even have a recovery day... You're most likely going to struggle to stick with this regimen and even worse, you're going to be devoting tons of time for lots of fatigue and minimal results. I'd advice to keep things simple and just follow the PTG.


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      That's what we figured as well but after keeping up with it for 5 weeks we're doing fine, we're not overly sore or fatigued and we're still improving. For the most part the same muscle group isn't strongly targeted for consecutive days allowing us to continue to push, and it's working. Although, I see what you're saying. My only thought is if my body is handling it what's the point In minimizing the program?


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        I don't think its too much at all if your already in pretty good shape. i would increase the miles every week up to 30 eventually. also stick more with the calisthenic pt over weights , not saying weight strength training isn't beneficial. I would just add more body weight stuff. also you should have one recovery day, even if you want to swim or something light, but you should always have one.