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Rucking Progression

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  • Rucking Progression

    Just got PRK and I'm a little over 6 months out. I'm following the PTG but want to add in a ruck twice a week. What is your guys opinion on this progression?

    I am planning on adding this in 2 times a week on days I'm not running. Note: I did not make this progression but found it online awhile ago and liked the layout.

    Progression is as follows:

    Week 1-3: 20% bodyweight x5 miles
    Week 4-6: 25% x5 miles
    Week 7-9: 30% x5 miles
    Week 10-12: 40% x5 miles (do not exceed 40% of BW, for me at 175lbs this is 70lbs)
    Week 13-14: 40% x6 miles
    Week 15-16: 40% x7 miles
    Week 17-18: 40% x8 miles
    Week 19-20: 40% x10 miles
    Week 21-22: 40% x12 miles
    Week 23-24: 40% x15 miles

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    Rucking can be really good if done in moderation, but please be wary of knee damage. Also be wary of shin splints. If you start feeling any bone problems quit immediately and keep to running. I ruck once a week for 12 miles with 50lbs at 12-13 minutes per mile pace. It has helped my running, but sometimes it's also good on those off days to rest. Let your mind and body heal. I've gotten more progress with doing running 4 days as week than 6 days due to being able to rest more. Preparing for BUD/s is about building yourself up because BUD/s will tear you down.


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      1:20 4 45

      1:40 5 50

      2:20 7 60

      3:20 10 70

      5:00 15 75