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  • Lifting

    I have been debating on adding lifting to my routine but I am stuck on two main questions.
    1. Is weight lifting necessary for BUD/S
    2. What is the best way to learn how to lift and how to structure a lifting workout.
    Would love to get some opinions here, including from some mods

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    1. Yes. Endurance is king, but strength is necessary.
    2. The PTG on this site has instruction on how to integrate lifting into your routine. Alternatively, you could follow a progression-based strength routine, such as Stronglifts 5x5, Starting Strength, or Tactical Barbell.


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      When weight training is mentioned in the PTG it's said to be mainly for injury prevention. It all comes down to how your body is stressed and proceeds to grow afterwards. The human body adapts to what it's exposed to. Running for example will produce strong muscles/joints/ligaments but only in the limited range of motion used while running. But nothing will stress your body in the way that fighting to squat a weight 5 times will. Bodyweight squats will hit the same range of motion but not at the same level of a proper barbell squat. We won't be squatting heavy at BUD/S but we will be exposed to copious amounts of stress in all sorts of ways