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Swimming vs Wrestling

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  • Swimming vs Wrestling

    First of all, sorry if this is posted in the wrong spot. I am relatively new to this website and this is my first and probably only post I will create.

    My question is whether to join the wrestling or swimming team at my high school? I wrestled in 7th grade and a little bit in 8th (due to 60% stress fracture in my foot from over training for the teams...) I am currently in 9th grade and in my wrestling season but it has come to my attention that much of wrestling is waiting around at a tournament for 12 hours usually for 3 matches or so. My coaches also want me to wrestle the 126 weight class and I typically weigh 135. My coaches don't give me the option to wrestle 138. Dropping 9 pounds of water weight is terrible and requires me to sweat in any way shape or form and not eat/drink anything for 2 days straight. I can take the pain, it's just I know mentally it's terrible for my body and that swimming is another way to stay in shape without being required to starve or worse, dehydrate myself. I have dropped 9 pounds 3 times now and I always get terrible cramps all the time when doing so (you gain all the weight back after weigh ins). I have seen some success recently by taking 4th place at a tournament that's known to be difficult. I dont hate wrestling, I'm just looking for the sport that will prepare me the best for BUD/S (i know in the end it really comes down to who wants to be a seal and who is mentally tough). What I'm really asking is, if I plan on enlisting straight out of highschool, would swimming or wrestling benefit me more? I swam year round for 5 years as a young kid and could easily be keeping up with the swimmers at my school technique wise and would just have to whip myself in shape.

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    Do what you enjoy. Have fun in school. This is something I wish I had realized sooner. Train hard for BUD/S...but have fun as well. Wrestling is a great sport that builds a lot of mental toughness. Keep it up, it might not be the best for your body, but neither is BUD/S. Wrestling builds mental strength that is not found as well elsewhere. Wrestlers have a good success rate at BUD/S. Check out the SEAL athlete videos.
    "Those who will not risk cannot win" - John Paul Jones


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      Swimming will do the most good because that is a huge part of BUD/s and it is also what a lot of people struggle with. Run, swim, and work or core exercises and you stand a really good chance. Also because you are a freshman, as soon as you turn 17 start talking to a recruiter. Best of luck.


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        Alright, thanks for the info


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          I've wrestled the last three years. By far it was the most awesome experience I've ever had! Anyways, do what your heart is set on! If you're set on continuing wrestling then stick to it! Swimming is something that does take time but it is possible to get to where you need to be in a little as 4-6 months. I chose not to wrestle this year (my senior year) for preventive reasons, to prevent the possibility of me getting hurt & overtraining since I am about to contract very soon.

          Keep going at it! Respectively, Roboscout 302


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            Thanks man, honestly I would enjoy both. I havnt made my decision yet, both are great sports to prep for BUD/S but which one would help more? I guess i cant go wrong with either. Wrestling takes care of the beatings and swimming take care of the water (to a certain extent).


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              I agree with JJones, you should go for the sport in which you have interest and you enjoy doing it.


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                From my experience I would go with wrestling. Gives you a confidence that your body can take much more physically than your mind thinks it can and that you can accomplish anything if you don't give up. Swimming you can do on your own time, but being in the wrestling room is a completely different experience. I've done plenty of sports including swimming and I would still choose wrestling if for nothing else than the mental toughness.


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                  I definitely am wrestling next year, and the rest of my high school career. Its the better choice, and one of my personal goals for myself has alway been to be a state champ. That is something im going to strive to achieve. Thanks for the info guys