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PTG - 4 month training log March 6 to June 24th

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  • PTG - 4 month training log March 6 to June 24th

    Hey everyone,
    I've already read tons of books about SEALs and I've read most of this form (since around 2011). What interests me now is other people's training progress/ blogs, but it seems like those are kind of hard to find. So I'm making my own since I figure this might be interesting for other people training to get the in pipeline. If all goes well, by the end new guys that start training can see what kind of weekly training numbers produce competitive PST scores (again, hopefully).

    I've been in pretty good shape and have generally followed the PTG ideas last couple months, but without keeping a stringent log. A couple distractions have also set me back several weeks training.The hardest part for me is both consistency and knowing exactly what I should be doing each day. After going through the PTG ideas again, I tried following it closely and wrote out every workout that'll need to be done for the next four months, which will hopefully solve both my problems. Hopefully, with minimal injuries and minimal distractions I'll get it done.

    To keep things less confusing:
    -I will post a viewable link to sheets, so I don't make a million posts on this form.
    -I am roughly starting from around "Week 5" for some of the PST work outs
    -After every workout I'll keep track on my desktop file. I'll (try) to upload values onto sheets once a week.
    -Everything in black is projected/ predicted workout. I'll highlight in blue once that workout has been completed.
    -All future workouts are subject to change based off of last work out/ last week's work out.
    -Everything looks prettier and makes more sense on my desktop version, but you should be able to figure out all the values by looking through the data.
    -I'll take a mock PST once a month in the beginning of the month, except for March. I'm using my Dec mock PST as a base line.
    -At this time I'm not including things I do beyond what the PTG specifically prescribes, such as lifts, jiu jitsu, kayaking, hikes etc.

    My goal is to have all my scores hovering around or exceeding the "optimal" scores that are put forward for officers. Afterwards, I hope to talk to a recruiter and enlist.

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    The viewable link is below.
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      rower, thanks for putting this out there. I'm looking forward to following along.


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        Hey this is cool man! It's good for guys to see what's possible and help motivate them. Sometimes I wish this forum had a training log section


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          I like this idea.
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            Glad you guys like it, just updated it for week 1. If anyone wants a copy to modify for themselves just PM me your email and I can send it to you a copy.


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              So I sort of did my mock PST for April to see how everything is going.

              Swim - 8:45
              Push - 40
              Sit - 60
              Pull - 14
              Run - INC

              Overall pretty disappointing. For the swim, since I hadn't swum most of last week I "forgot" how to glide and my avg stroke count went up +2 lap, waay to much effort, even though a little faster. Looking at my workouts I swam an 8:40 500yrd piece about two weeks ago in a work out. Push/ Sit up were awful. Pull ups went up +2 which was the only good part of today. I decided not to do the run since I was dehydrated and figured devoting my run today to the LSD would be a better use of time. But, my run has been improving... I did a 9:07 1.5 mile piece for a work out not too long ago.

              One month reflections:

              Swim, Run, Pull are all seemingly on track, with the exception I haven't been making every pool workout or doing full warm ups/ cool downs. No need for major changes asides from being more consistent with pool workouts.

              Push and Sit were both far below expected and will be doing some remedial work for those two this month... Partly, probably gassed from the swim since that is the most exhausted I've felt after a 500 yrd swim. Even more likely because I didn't do well in doing every work out for the P/S/P this month. However, my pull still improved and I think this is why.

              Push goal was 65 and Sit goal was 74 for this month. My total reps would obviously exceed this per work out, but I would only ever do a max of 20 push per set and 25 sit per set or 31% and 33% of each respective category's max. Pull goal was 12 and a max per set would be around 8 putting it at 66% of my goal (more than double for the other two exercises, and I went above my goal). To compensate I'll be changing my push and sit workouts, which will hopefully give me the endurance I need for May.

              I'm pumped, let's see what the next 30 days bring!

              (Keeping track of every work out is so helpful, everybody should do it if you're not already).
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                Hey, just remember man, be discreet about this, not trying to put you down, but when the guy from "Road to BUD/S" went to BUD/S, and the instructor found out about his videos, they made him get extra PT for a while. Again, I'll be following along, and great job so far, but keep that in the back of your mind.
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                  Have you tried completing the run yet after the prior events in the PST? It greatly effects your score due to stress and fatigue. I took my first official PST today and only one guy auto qualified. I usually run a 9:50 but ran a 10:05. I would recommend practicing running fatigued for time to get used to it. Also, if you're not used to running in a competitive environment, this can effect your time. I had a boat crew of 30 and we all started at the same time.


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                    Yup, I have done the other events before the run.

                    I've been figuring out a new training schedule since I started working somewhere else and no longer have access to the pool during the work week. So I'll be doing ocean swims and then the SI in the pool on Friday. I'll post where I'm at in a few weeks once I get used to that.