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Push Up Card Game

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  • Push Up Card Game

    A game to mix up calisthenics some. Shuffle a deck of cards and draw one card at a time. Complete the number of reps on the card (Jacks = 11, Queen = 12, King = 13, Ace = 14) in the form that the suit corresponds. See how far you can go in the deck.

    Hearts = Normal push ups
    Diamonds = diamond push ups
    Clubs = staggered push ups
    Spades = Wide arm push ups.

    This can also be modified for sit ups or pull ups. Just find 4 variations of each exercise. For example:

    Sit ups (core):
    Hearts = Normal sit ups
    Diamonds = straight leg lifts while hanging from pull up bar
    Clubs = V-up roll up
    Spades = 4 Count flutter kicks

    Pull Ups:
    Hearts = Normal pullups
    Diamonds = Chin Ups
    Clubs = Wide grip pull ups
    Spades = Around the world (Pull up to one hand, move laterally to the other, then back to the starting position)