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Starting the PTG

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  • Starting the PTG

    Ok so my mock PST scores from a couple weeks ago as follows:
    10:56 swim
    50 push
    63 situps
    10 pull
    9:17 run
    I really havent been training that long and just got the stroke down comfortably but my numbers haven't been going up and I've been overtraining and have been looking for shortcuts by trying to make my own workouts and all that stuff that most people seem to do. I realized how that the PTG separates itself from everything else due to its longetivity and slow but steady progrsession. My question is it's super frustrating now because tomrrow is thanksgiving and I won't be able to get in the pool but I also have a real pst on either Tuesday or Wednesday and I don't know when I should actually start the ptg but it also bumps into my pst so I'm not sure how to train from here till then and yes I've read in the ptg about pst' s but that's when you've actually done the ptg. Would it make sense just to do Mondays workout, suck it up and do the pst, then just continue on following it?

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    You've already been to MEPS and are starting the official PST's?


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      Yes I've done everything and this is an official one.