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Pre Seal PT schedule advice needed.

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  • Pre Seal PT schedule advice needed.

    Hello my name is Vincent, and I am 16 years old and looking to get into Seals. At the moment I am fairly fit and I do multiple activities for my JROTC class at my high school but their PT is to easy for me. Does anyone know of a PT schedule that will help me prepare for BUD's? I understand I still have two more years until I can go to Navy boot camp but I want to prepare while I still have time.

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    Follow Jeff Nichols CSCS on YouTube and follow his Push up, sit up, pull up, running and swimming program it greatly improved my PST scores. If you can, purchase his BUD/S program on his website. I wish I could of started his program earlier.


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      ^Agree with this. Jeff's videos are a goldmine and having gone through his BUD/S prep program and now working on his hypertrophy program I can say from experience that you will substantially improve your preparedness.


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        Thank you very much for the info. Hopefully I can do well and make it to Seals. At least I still have time to make improvements to my body and health.


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          Also join your school Wrestling and Waterpolo team, they were a huge mental toughness builder for me. You really have to learn how to be comfortable being uncomfortable in both sports.


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            Yeah I thought about Westling but I have to get more built up first. Im most likely going to start Westling and swimming and track next school year and use this upcoming summer to work out more at the gym and in the water.