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Should I stick to the PTG regarding calisthenics?

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  • zgordon96
    started a topic Should I stick to the PTG regarding calisthenics?

    Should I stick to the PTG regarding calisthenics?

    I usually do calisthenics 2-3 times a week, and usually it's something along the same caliber as the Murph (100 pull, 200 push, 300 squat). Looking at the PTG it looks as if I'm overdoing it. Is anybody staying strictly to what the PTG says, and if so is it working for you? I'm at the point where I could definitely benefit from saving a little time by dropping my workouts down to what the PTG recommends, I just feel as if doing only 4 sets of 12 pull-ups is nowhere near enough. But I have never been to BUD/S, nor am I as educated as the guys that wrote the PTG. Just looking for some opinions.

  • Roboscout 302
    Originally posted by zgordon96

    I havent taken one recently. I have a good 4 years minimum until I can even get the yes/no from my ECM to cross-rate, so I've just been staying consistent with calisthenics and getting back into cardio slowly but surely.. Trying to minimize risk of injury. I'm only a few weeks into the PTG currently. My most recent run and swim times were like high 9's. My best PST a while back (when I was training hard) was:

    swim: 8:50
    push: 116
    sit: 126
    pull: 28
    run: 8:59
    **** good numbers on the calisthenics!

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  • Jman4
    How long have you been working, and what does your PST look like most recently?

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