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PTG Push-ups Variety

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  • PTG Push-ups Variety

    Hello everybody,

    Should I be doing push-up variations when following the PTG or just focus on doing the traditional push-up used in the PST?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated

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    Eric G, you should practice various variations on your push ups in order to recruit other muscle groups in order to develop the endurance and strength needed to reach your push up goal. When I was preparing for the PST, I did Tabata(interval) push ups, pyramids, ladders, and various hand placements in regards to not using any equipment. In a gym setting, I encourage TRX or Olympic rings to do chest flies and various push up forms that will engage your core as well as help with your form. Don't let anyone tell you those are BS, for the TRX/Olympic rings have got my push up fitness to where it is today and it beats the boredom of using a weight room all the time.

    In a weight room setting, I'm not too worried on bench presses but when I do, I normally go for 3 rounds of 8-12 bodyweight presses. In terms of using dumbells/kettlebells, you can do floor presses, bench and incline presses. Like I have mentioned earlier with various push up hand placement to recruit other muscles, do accessory work that works the triceps and shoulders.

    Last but not least, do some core work that will improve your form such as planks, side planks,bird-dogs,etc. Vast majority of these particular exercises can be found online on physical therapy websites and it's recommended to work on your core 3-4 times a week. Not just on your push ups but in various activities(Sports, work, military/law enforcement) that the body will be required to function, it will protect your spine and prevent imbalances in the long run. I hope this has helped!


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      Thanks for the help, greatly appreciate it!