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  • Fun training

    My PST scores are:

    swim: 8:38
    Pushups: 101
    sit-ups: 75
    pull-ups 19
    run: 9:13

    I have an issue improving my run time and swimming with fins. I swim faster without fins than with. If anyone has a fin/running program I would appreciate any pointers. Thank you in advanced.

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    You still not contracted....


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      How long did it take you to get those scores?


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        What program are you using currently?


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          To improve your run, add in more sprints. Do more 400s and 800s, those will really boost you if you're training with the proper intensity. Fin swimming sucks, but the best way to improve it is just to do more of it. Start off by just doing some 500y/m warm-ups in your fins then doing your normal swim workout without them. Do that a few times a week and try doing at least one of your LSDs with them. If you can't hit the distance in them without stopping try going as long as you can, take a minute or two, then go back into it and repeat that until you hit your distance. Over time you'll be able to go further and faster. If your distance is fine but you just need the speed, try doing some sprints or medium intervals in them and see where that takes you. Sprints = Speed; Distance = Distance. Work on leg strength if you're still plateauing.. Do more squats/deadlifts, do some more leg calisthenics, stretch more, etc.. All of this combined should help you out. There's no golden program that'll turn you into an Olympian. Just use the PTG as a guideline, and modify it a bit depending on if you need more speed or distance. Best of luck!


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            Conditioning for the seal pst is all about preparation. Running times concern aerobic preparation, i.e., the more you safely run and incorporate the proper excercise routines, your run times will gradually increase. Everything else is just about conditioning.

            T. Silver


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              Jeff Nichols programs is all I need to say. He has running programs. And a YouTube channel.