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Should I still follow the PTG as a civilian?

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  • Should I still follow the PTG as a civilian?

    I am no longer pursuing a career in the Seal Teams or the Navy for that matter and I was just wondering if I should still follow the PTG or even the SOF nutrition guide as a civilian? I still want to be in shape and still train like normal. I've been following it for some time now and i'm sort of used to it but I know it was made as BUD/s prep should I modify it in any way as a civilian? Any changes to the SOF guide? thanks guys!

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    The PTG works for anyone who wants to improve their physical fitness and stay active. Since it is scalable, you can use it to either maintain or increase your fitness as you like. The SOF nutrition guide works as a general plan to keep your body fueled properly. As long as you plan on staying the course, you may use both of these without any change.
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