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  • Workout Routines

    I started doing serious workouts after I enlisted and I was wondering if this routine would be a good one to follow for a while or if any changes should be made.

    Monday- Running and 5 core exercises
    Teusday- Swimming 3 upper body and 2 core
    Wednesday- Running and 2 leg, 2 core and one upper body
    Thursday- Swimming and 3 upper and 2 core
    Friday- Running and 5 core
    Saturday- Rest day
    Sunday- Stretching and flexibility exercises

    And also some questions to go along with it
    Should I incorporate more or less of a certain workout like less core since I'm doing that 5 days out of the week or more leg strengthening.
    Also should I use fins most of the time when I'm swimming because I heard that was a big issue when candidates go to the prep school.
    My first PST is this week and I will post what my initial scores are in here once I'm finished, my current ship date is August 29th, and I'm going for an SO rating.


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    I’ve been working out for a while so allow me to make a suggestion.

    For now make sure your focus is PST stuff. Max those push ups and sit ups and pull ups out. I feel the best way to get good at the PST is to do the PST. As best you can. Make it harder if you want by swimming in baggy swim trunks and turn all the pockets out. Makes for good drag. I’d skip the fins for now. Plug in those core exercises too, a ridiculously strong core is your friend.

    Once youve killed the PST, then maintain push/sit/pull workouts, throw some strength training like lunges and deadlifts and lunges and squats and lunges and should press and lunges. Strength reps too: 3-5 good form reps. Except for lunges. Rep those lunges out. Then as for swimming, swim with a mask in the most annoyingly inefficient dive fins you can find. And sllllloooowwwwlllyyy break em ankles in. And if you live somewhere where you have soft terrain like sand to run in, I’d go jog in it. Put on some nice tunes and just cruise, no record breaking, just get familiar with it. Be gentle and focus how you legs strike the soft surface.

    However I’m getting ahead of myself. The first mission is the PST. Make everything related to the PST. Only after you get that SO contract is it time to start prepping for the prep.

    The SEAL/SWCC website has its own program too that definitely works. Give it a look and incorporate some of that good stuff.

    This is just my suggestion to help you brainstorm some ideas. Use it to change up your program if you feel the need. Lastly I just wanna say be smart about your workouts and avoid getting hurt. That would suck.

    Good luck my dude.

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