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Incorporating Weekly PST With NSW PTG

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  • Incorporating Weekly PST With NSW PTG

    Some quick background, I'm currently on week 12 of the guide and it's helped tremendously in bringing down my PST times as well as made me more mentally and physically disciplined. I'd like to continue following the guide, but I am now attending 3-4 group workouts a week as well as taking a weekly PST. I'm wondering if anyone has an opinion on how to work in a weekly PST while following the NSW PTG. Before you tell me the obvious which is to simply not take a PST every week, unfortunately that decision is not up to me. I'm thinking going forward it will fill the Run LI slot as this is what's recommended in the NSW PTG introduction. The problem with this is that my biggest weakness is the run, and sacrificing these Run LI sessions with PSTs seems counterproductive (up to this point in the program, I feel that the Run LI sessions have actually helped me the most in bringing my run down)... Now from the other perspective, I'd like to not tack on extra weekly mileage at this point because I don't want to tempt the shin splints gods. Therefore I don't feel that a PST in addition to the 4 run workouts a week is in my benefit either. One more thing to note is that I nearly tanked the run on this first weekly PST. Between the Run LSD 1, running from a group workout, and the Run LI, I was at 17mi in the 3 days leading up (I was unaware I'd be testing and would not have put in this much milage prior if I had known). I know I will have to be ready to crush a PST at any time going forward in the pipeline, but for right now I'm big enough to admit my run does just not currently have that cushion I need to be able to knock out sub 10 min 1.5mi's regardless of the circumstances.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated. PST: Swim 8:15, Push 93, Sit 75, Pull 21, Run 9:52

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    The only thing I can say about the running is that you have to try and find a way to squeeze in that extra mile or two into your workouts. Shin splints suck, but they are manageable, and when they heal they become stronger. When I started running long distance, say 6-7 miles, I got shin splints all the time. Whenever I would get shin splints I wouldn't run for like a week to let them heal. This happened a couple times, now I never get them and run with no problems.
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