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Scout Team Road Trip

Would you be interested in attending an event to find out more about us and maybe get in a little workout? We're putting together a list of places for a road trip. PM Scott Williams (Admin)and tell him your location.
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New Combat Side Stroke Guide

Improve your swim. Download the free Naval Special Warfare Combat Side Stroke Guide.

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Allentown Pennsylvania

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  • Allentown Pennsylvania

    Looking for possible training partners in my area! Willing to train hard with anyone that would like to accompany me. Message me if interested !

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    Re: Allentown Pennsylvania


    I'm in Allentown and do all my training at Westend. I see you haven't logged in, in over a month. I've been a strong swimming my whole life. I'm a weak runner and my 1.5 mile run time barely makes the minimum cut off time.

    My last PST I did myself was
    Swim: 8:33
    Push-ups: 103
    Sit-ups: 74
    Pull-ups: 12
    Run: 10:55 (Working on refining that.)

    Get back to me if you're interested in training.

    Jacob Paiste