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16 years old, i'm planning to join the seals at 21, workout routine

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  • 16 years old, i'm planning to join the seals at 21, workout routine

    As the title says, I want to join the seals at the age of 21 but the thing her is that I stopped going to the gym like a year ago, I would like to receive some kind of training or preparation (workout routine) for me to be able to join the team, i've read that the training is one of the hardest and I really want to be part of the seals

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    Start the PTG and educated yourself on this website on old posts. Learn the process to get SO contract,etc. Good luck!


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      You got time so pace yourself. Don't over train and hurt yourself and screw yourself up now.


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        Join some sports teams (track, cross country, wrestling, etc.) and look at the PTG. You can train safely and have some fun along the way while you're still in high school. Then, hit the training hard when you graduate, and get that contract.

        I would advise becoming a good runner above all else. It's the thing that takes the most time to get better at and it's the most important thing at BUD/S.
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          Lacrosse is good.


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            Push, sit and pull workouts almost every day. Run and swim religiously. And participate in sports and push yourself as hard as you can. When I say workout everyday and run and swim religiously, you will have to be careful to build yourself up and not injure yourself. That is the last thing you want to do right now. There are also plenty of workouts day by day on this forum and the PTG on this website. Join you swimming, wrestling, lacrosse or cross country team. I wrestled this year and plan on swimming next year. I have fallen in love with lacrosse and its really a good way to stay in shape and build mental toughness. Good luck


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              Can pretty easily read every post on this forum in a week or so. Read, learn, do. You have 5 years to prepare.


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                Originally posted by SpencerT View Post
                Run and swim religiously.
                According to Don Shipley, swimming is the only thing you can come to BUD/S unprepared for.

                Goodluck, I wish I knew I wanted to be a SEAL at a early stage like yourself.

                On another note, I don't believe you understand the insanity you just signed yourself up for. I don't know, you don't know, but if you decided at age 16 you wanted to be a SEAL because you recently watched some movie...

                Its one of the reasons the attrition rate is as high as it is.


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                  Work out to the point that you have nightmares about running, that pull-ups are your religion, that you can do push-ups in your sleep, and swim better than a fish. In all seriousness, follow the PTG, but don't follow it all the time, you'll get burnt out. Just run, swim, and do calisthenics. If you don't have the time, just Grease the Groove, do 20 sets of say, 10 pull-ups throughout the day.
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