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New York City Training Group

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  • New York City Training Group

    Hello everyone,

    I'm a part of a training group in NYC for guys looking to go Special Ops, though all of us currently are looking at the SEAL pipeline. We used to have a lot of guys, but after a bunch of them shipped out, we don't have many members. We meet twice a week, once for PT in Central Park and once at a NYC Rec Center for swim workouts. We also know a retired SEAL who stops by occasionally to help us and give us insight as well as other contacts for people who join the group and have questions. If you're in or around New York City and you're interested in getting in touch with us, or you know anyone who would be, the email for the group is as follows:

    If you're interested, shoot an email our way and we'll give you more information for locations, times, and any items you'll need.

    Train hard and be hard, gentlemen.