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Coach Freddy/Fargo007 moving to Pensacola FL

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  • Coach Freddy/Fargo007 moving to Pensacola FL

    Hi guys,

    I've been around on the forum for a while helping people out with swim critiques, workouts, and water-focused preparation advice. I am a swim coach.

    I also train locally in the NY/NJ/PA area with a group of highly motivated candidates consisting of NSW, USAF, USCG, USMC, and Law Enforcement tracks where there is a high water con/swim demand.

    I donate my time for this. The reward of watching the next generation succeed in serving our country at the highest levels is all the payment I need.

    Next month, I am moving to the greater Pensacola FL area and am open to building a new group to train with. I have no idea about what facilities are available and will need help with that.

    If you are in this area and wish to train for any water-focused pipeline, get in touch via PM. You only need to be over 18, and be serious about training for your intended path. No skill level required. I have taken people who couldn't even swim 100Y to the low 8's on their PST.

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    I live in Pensacola. There's a group here who train at Pensacola State College going through a SEAL/SWCC challenge program done under the Navy recruiters in the area. Im not sure when exactly they train. I can't train with them, since I havent been out to MEPS and dont have my contract yet, but im sure they would appreciate any help they can get. They're all hardworking individuals who would love to bounce some questions off you.


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      Time for a bump. If there's anyone in the Pensacola area that wants to get faster and more proficient in the water, get in touch.

      No discrimination - I have mostly worked with NSW candidates, but have also had success with USAF, USMC, LE and Coast Guard pipelines with demanding swim/water tests.

      I am more motivated than ever and ready to get to work helping candidates out in this most awesome location.


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        I wish we had someone like you Fargo007 in New Mexico; I wish you the best and hope you get to train a good group of guys. I don't suppose you would know anyone in the state of NM that could help?


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          Thank you! That's kind of far from my AO, so I don't know of anyone there. Based on my experience, I would have you check with the ROTC programs in local colleges. I found a lot of people who didn't know about this site there training hard.

          Good luck, and if I can ever help out with a swim critique, let me know.


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            What is the cost of living like there?


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              Great question. Much lower than the tri-state area for sure. It's mostly a military town here.

              Food is a little more expensive (groceries) than I remember, but far less taxes, and restaurants are cheaper. Housing is a lot cheaper.

              Training wise, it's better because you can ocean/bay swim easily into December, and run nearly year round. My gym isn't pretty inside but it has more than everything I need and is a whopping ten bucks a month.


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                Which gyms do you train at Fargo007?


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                  I will PM this to you B. Weeks.


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                    I'm in Pensacola, have access to a good pool, and am most definitely training.