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Overweight at BUD/S

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  • Overweight at BUD/S

    I have recently come across a bit of information that I thought was interesting. I was talking to a few people who work for the navy who all have had friends who graduated BUD/S. Apparently they said that the people who make it best through BUD/S are the ones who have some extra body fat. If you go into training with extra fat you will leave with all of it burned off. Trainees burn around 8-10 thousand calories a day but only consume somewhere around 6-7 thousand. Hence the added fat would help keep up good nutrition. They also said that during cold water exercises the ones who had difficulty were the people with no fat on their body because they had no insulation.

    They shared a story to me about one of their friends who made it through hell week and then had to drop out because of severe dehydration. Long story short he came back with 15 pounds of fat on him for a second try and now he is currently a SEAL. I would love to see what you guys think of this idea. To me it seems reasonable although the added weight would seem to set you back just as much as it would help.


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    Re: Overweight at BUD/S

    I am often amazed by the "official information" that runs wild here on this site. There is ZERO data to support the fact that skinny guys tend to have a harder time than thicker guys here at BUD/S. No one "had to drop out" because of severe dehydration, you are either medically dropped or you Quit.

    Doesn’t matter if your skinny or fat it’s how badly you want it.

    Senior Chief


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      Re: Overweight at BUD/S

      Perfect example of how I disagree, the only reason the cold water excercises were harder is because they could not get past it mentally, has nothing to do with the physical nature or body weight at all. Like Senior Chief said it is all about how hard you want it, too many people have been trying to get the upper hand in any way they can. We should all want to go through HELL because it will be that much more worth it when we make it through, not if we make it through. We should want more things standing in our way that way we have more things to get past and overcome. We should all want and be up to the challenge. 90% mental 10 % physical is the best advice I got when being explained about BUDS and that is how I will approach it. Go in to BUDS in the best shape of your life and after that it is all mental. We all have athletic abilities and gifts but very few have the mental toughness not to quit when being put through HELL.