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Supplements/ tracking macros

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  • Supplements/ tracking macros

    Hello all,
    Earlier in the summer I heard from a few sources, one being Nick Bare(the youtuber,) that tracking macros is an important part of staying fit. So I tried it for a few weeks and found it difficult to come up with ways of getting the correct(or close to) amount of grams of protein. My main question is: Is taking supplements alright? Or should it mostly be avoided? Are things like "Muscle Milk" protein powders OK? I stopped tracking Macros in part because I don't have a way of measuring my body weight at the moment. That can be remedied. But my other question is: Should it? Should I be tracking macros? Any advice is appreciated.

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    It’s a good idea to track your macros, but if you are unsure what they mean and how they relate to your fitness goals, simply knowing those numbers is obviously useless. Supplementation can be useful if lieu of real food, just make sure any supplements you purchase are CGMP certified, and know that any protein you buy that isn’t whey and does not have a stellar essential amino acid profile is a waste of money and time in comparison, so don’t bother with pea protein or egg white protein or any of that nonsense


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      Thanks for the response!