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Teetotalers need not apply?

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  • Teetotalers need not apply?

    I apologize in advance if this topic has been covered or if this is off topic for this forum.

    From what the internet told me, drinking is a part of SEAL culture. I do not drink for health reasons (acid reflux, liver). Are teetotalers shunned by (potential) colleagues, or is this a non-issue? Do I even bother trying to fit in, or should I aim for a SOF unit with a different modus operandi? Preferably, I would like to hear from SEALs who were sober while active.

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    I've always heard this (several books, youtube interviews, etc)-
    in the teams there are guys who don't dip, drink, curse or sleep around at all. And there are also guys who do all four in one night.


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      Yeah, it’s just a stereotype. Can garauntee guys with kids and families aren’t going to the bar a lot. To say there are all walks of life is probably more accurate.


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        I wouldn’t worry about it, just be a man about it and if you get to a team and some of them give you a hard time about it which I doubt, then just stick to your guns. I’m in the same boat as you except I don’t have anything medically wrong. I just don’t like the whole drinking thing, I’d much prefer to just get a lemonade, haha. I’ve read that’s theres always guys that’ll go to the bar with the boys but just drink a water. You’re good.