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What kind of food do you get in the BUD/S chow hall?

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  • What kind of food do you get in the BUD/S chow hall?

    I know that BUD/S students pretty much eat like they are auditioning to be the star of an episode of my 600 lb life. But what exactly is on the menu?

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    I can contribute that they love you to eat a lot of eggs.

    ??????You will also have to eat fast!


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      The menu at bud/s is set up similar to a buffet, there’s a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, meats, and most other foods you can think of. Don’t worry about what food they have at bud/s. Focus on your pst scores and eating a well rounded, healthy diet.


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        From the glimpses of the training I have seen from looking online, it seems like they have a wide variety of drinks too. I believe they have orange juice, water, and select soft drinks. Water is going to be what you need though, and orange juice for a bit of extra energy in the mornings. I was watching the BUD/s class 234 documentary, and the instructor staff would not let the class leave chow until everyone downed two glasses of water.


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          the two glasses of water thing is true but they make you down em for a reason you may not expect. one of the main reasons they make students constantly drink during hellweek besides simply staying hydrated is to force the candidates stomachs to keep functioning as it helps keep your core body temperature up and helps prevent hypothermia.