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Official Podcast Now Posted!

The Official Navy SEAL & SWCC podcast, "The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday", is now posted in the Downloads section []. Hear from real, active duty Navy SEALs, SWCC, and key support staff from NSW as they talk training, requirements, ethos, and more. Hooyah!
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Age requirment

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  • Age requirment

    Okay, first i couldnt find any appropriate section to post this, so sorry for the out of place post, but based on my options it would be out of base anywhere i posted it. This may sound like a **** question, but its a technicality i want to make sure of. 28. Does this mean you have to be at an age that would set you at 28 by the time you make it through seal training and are actually a SEAL, or does it mean as long as you are 28 when you get your BUDS contract then you are good to go on age? I know some of you reading this may roll your eyes, but i wanted to MAKE sure i understood this. Also, for those that are SEALS, in your opinion/experience, would 26 years of age be considered old to start out on such an ambition. i mean, if your fit your fit, but does there seem to be any drawbacks to being at the top of the age range? any stigma to it? Ive posted a couple of questions here that are more subjective, and mybe even trivial in respect to what else i could be asking, but those questions seem to be the ones not specified in the general chat that i seem to come across. i suppose it is more of a mentorship sort of question rather than question with answer A,B or C. Also, if any one cares, this is probaly one of the best designed web sites i have come across. very friendly navigating and page layout. so to whomever designed it- EXCELLENT JOB!

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    Re: Age requirment

    Well first as I have understood it (and I've asked around, plus there are threads about this all over the forum here and other places) you have to be at the oldest 29 when you become a SEAL (as in passed BUD/s, training schools, SQT, etc.).

    As far as 26 being too old or not, that's where I'll be this year and I plan on putting in for a contract within the next 5-6 months. If you want an example of somebody who did it at that age I know of one. Gentlman by the name of Eric Greitens who is easily googled. I'm sure there have been others and will be more. Do what's in your heart dude.


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      Re: Age requirment

      Originally posted by Scott Williams
      You must be under 29 at the time of accession (read: when you are awarded a SEAL contract in the draft). Otherwise, you will require an age waiver, which hurts your chances. Once you have taken the contract and shipped to boot, age waivers aren't required. By the way, if you do not qualify for a SEAL contract for whatever reason, you may opt out and NOT go to boot. You are not Navy property until you've taken the oath of enlistment.
      Originally posted by Scott Williams
      The Navy looks at a guy who is 28, 29, 30 and says, "How much serviceable time could we get out of this guy before age-related physical conditions become a problem?" That's why the max age is set at 28 before a waiver is required, and only two more years are even considered -- under the most lenient of environements, when we are having difficulty meeting class quotas.