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  • Recruiting/training help

    Wasn't sure where to post this but any help is appreciated. I was wondering if I go DEP how long does that give me? The reason I ask is because I really need to get physically fit, mainly swimming and pullups, but I have no one to help me train. I've been trying to learn the CSS by myself and Im not really the strongest swimmer anyway. But my question is if I go DEP can I train with a local mentor or someone until Im ready to take the PST or do they tell me when? and if I'm not ready I'm just SOL. Sorry if this is a **** question but just looking for some guidance. Thanks in advance

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    Hopefully this helps. I have one year of college left, but I wanted to start PSTing and working out with a mentor. I talked with my recruiter and local SEAL/SWCC scout and they said I can go to MEPS and do a "physical only". That means you get medically cleared, but you don't sign a contract or swear in. I just went to MEPS last week and did just that, now I can PST and workout with my local mentor/scout throughout my senior year of college. Get in touch with your local recruiter and the mentor that is closest to you and see what they say. Best of luck.


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      Thanks for the responses. But I have another question, while in DEP will workouts be scheduled with a mentor or do you have to find time for a workout with them? Just curious about the process.


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        Thank you for the insight Mr. Williams, I was not aware my situation is only available in some districts. Does it make a difference that I will be submitting an officer package after I receive my diploma? Thanks.