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Goggles for PST

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  • Goggles for PST

    Still can't get the breathing right when I swim. After one lap im getting water in my nose and its messing me up. Can we use the Goggles that cover your nose also for the PST?

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    It depends on your mentor. However, after you ship, you will not be allowed to use goggles at all during the PST.
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      I recommend just practicing breathing exercises and focusing on it while swimming. Using gear to assist you may get you past the PST but there's no getting around treading without arms and a charged mask should you get picked up. And when you say cover your nose, I assume you mean a dive mask which actually makes you slower as compared to regular goggles. The larger profile leaks water easier and disrupts water flow around your head making breathing HARDER not easier because there is no wave trough to breath in, meaning you have to turn your head even more.


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        dom_uzu I have used a mask since I started training back in 2012. All of my PST's we have used masks, the only exception being your 2 week PST prior to shipping in which you cannot use a mask. Try slowly breathing out through your nose during the swim if you aren't using a mask. As for BUD/s, masks and fins are used for the most part.


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          I used to have that problem, I would get so much water in my nose that it would constantly be leaking out for a while after the swim. Breathing out of the nose instead of the mouth made all the difference


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            This is (many times) a water confidence issue.

            I insist swimmers I am working with use goggles whenever possible for the first few months I work with them. Many have the 'water in my nose' problem, and look to use a mask as a crutch.

            It's always better to expose a problem and fix it early rather than take short cuts around it only to pay for it dearly later on.

            As stated, keep an exhale going out of the nose very gently. All you have to do is maintain the smallest amount of positive pressure in the sinuses and no water can get in there.


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              Can we use swimmers goggles on the PST?


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                Originally posted by neverquitnick View Post
                Can we use swimmers goggles on the PST?
                It depends on your mentor, but when you get to the Great Lakes, etc you won't be allowed to on your PST's.