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Thumbs Above or Below Pull Up Bar on PST?

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  • Thumbs Above or Below Pull Up Bar on PST?

    Hey everyone,

    Just had a quick question about pull ups on the PST. Are your thumbs required to be above or below the bar, or does it not matter? Also, when you're doing pull ups in your own work outs, where do you place your thumbs? I apologize if this has already been discussed but I haven't been able to find anything on this in the forums or PTG or the PDF for PST procedures.

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    Thumbs over the bar.


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      Got it thanks a ton.


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        gkov27 On the PST's I have participated in they haven't been specific (SD and Los Al). I train with both. Also, the first 10 are done on the count of the mentor running the PST, he says up and down, if you are doing them in a group then you wait for everyone in the group to get up....I would start training this way (hold at the top for a couple seconds, then lower all the way down).


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          Blackwood Thanks any information is much appreciated.


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            Jeff Nichols has stated that at BUD/S you will use pull-up bars that are very, very thick -- to the point where you have to put your thumb around the bar just to be able to grip it. I'm training for both grips while also doing deadlifts, rack pulls, farmers carries, and a lot of grip training in general.