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Trail shoes, good or bad?

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  • Trail shoes, good or bad?

    Is it a good idea to be switching over to minimalistic trail running shoes? I figure that if it changes the mechanics of your running it would be bad considering you'll be wearing boots if you get into BUD/S.

    Would it be worth it to grab a pair of lightweight trail running shoes?

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    Re: Trail shoes, good or bad?

    defiantly bro, I where vibrams on my lifting and supplemental crossfit training days. Bad idea if you're going to continue to strick your heal while running, but I think you undertand the change in mechanics. It will absolutely lengthen your stride and strengthen your legs/feet, which can certainly carry over to running in boots IMO.

    What shoe are you looking at?
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      Re: Trail shoes, good or bad?

      I loved my trail shoes, but like florida said it's not very health for your heals and your arch because of the lack of support for the middle of your foot. Most trail shoes are very flexible in the middle. If it's around once a week though, I don't think you have anything to worry about.