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long or slow?

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  • long or slow?

    should I be doing longer runs with sprints now and then or sprints with longer runs occasionally

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    Between the PTG and the Running:Start Here sticky at the top of this board there is enough information detailing the type and frequency of runs recommended for training. I would suggest you take a good look at those because that's all you'll ever really need. In the PTG there is even a sample schedule you can follow if you so choose.

    Side note I'm fairly certain your chosen username is against board policy and suggest you scrap it before one of the mods decide to make that decision for you.


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      what are your strengths? analyze your times. if you can run for days, but on 1.5 mi you are gassed then incorporate speed work. can't go wrong with balance.

      runs during training will be a 7-8min pace for 4+ mi. but at your current point in your journey you need to crush pst (if you have not already).