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  • Running Apps

    Does anyone else use apps to track the stats on your runs? I recently started using Nike Run Club again since it shows elevation shift, time, and mileage, but was curious if any of y'all used similar. Are there any such apps we could use for some friendly competition?
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    I usually use Strava or a gps watch. Strava is nice because you can set it to kilometers and mark out your sprint runs or miles for when you're doing distance as well.


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      I use a garmin gps watch. I find it to be more accurate since it connects straight to the satellites instead of using cell towers to triangulate your position.
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        I use a GPS watch as well. I tested the accuracy of a phone app vs my gps watch on a track and ran 2 miles. My watch said 2 miles exactly while my running app said i ran 2.24 miles.