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  • PTG interval help

    I am up to week 26 on the PTG. For running SI I can do 8x400m @1:15 consistently, but at the end of the speedwork I feel like garbage. I can do all 8 without slowing down, but I read some research stating just do intervals at current 1.5 time. Example 9min 1.5 so all intervals will be at 1:26-1:30 and no faster. Overtime you will get faster, no need to go all out on the speedwork? The research also said that the aerobic/ LSD is what will gradually get you faster over time, with of course speedwork.

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    If you're question is what pace you should be at, I think that you should figure out you're goal pace, and go run at that; and I'm sorry if I sound cavalier here, but that research goes against the progressive overload principle, which states that you must, at least for interval, decrease the time it takes to do one interval steadily and over time to improve performance.

    My point is, if you're going to do INT or CHI you should try to steadily decrease the times of your intervals. For instance, you're going at 1:15 right now, try to keep that for 2 weeks, then go to 1:10, then 1:05.
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      If I may ask, what's your 1.5 miles time? Pure curiosity.


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          I have an extensive cross country and track background, and my team's workouts would all be designed around a set distance. You should be training these intervals at your CURRENT fastest race pace. Not the race time you hit some months ago or the time you're shooting for.

          ie. My goal is 7:30. I'm probably around an 8:30-9 right now since I've been off for a couple years due to injury. It wouldn't be sensible for me to be training those intervals at 7:30 min pace. If I were you I'd shoot for consistent 1:25's. Also note that after those intervals you should feel fairly worn. Race-pace simulated intervals aren't supposed to be easy. Feel free to PM me for any other running related questions.