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  • Bates 922

    whats up boys,

    so I bought the 922 bates ****** boots to start prepping for buds and running in them. I wanted to get some advice. I’ve ran in em numerous times now and tried to suck it up as much as possible these **** things tear up the back of my ankles near my heel. has anyone had similar instances. I’ve been running on the beach and on trails still these things tear the back of my ankles up each time. thoughts, input, previous experiences with these training or at buds, is this normal? thanks boys get some!

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    Heel pad liners with an adhesive backing.


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      Get a razor blade and cut the suede part of the ankle out, you will see a very annoying piece of hard-as-rock cardboard. Remove that and you’ll be good to go.

      Removing the cardboard piece is a challenge of its own. Took my boots to a shoe shop and it took them a longgggg time to get my boots done. I took two pairs btw. I was told a heat gun, a good sharp knife (careful not to swipe your boots wrong), and a healthy amount of determination will get them out.


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        Originally posted by ChrisDeyncourt View Post
        I wanted to get some advice.
        Here's some: don't train in boots. A couple of miles, once in a while, just to get a feel for them would be fine. But do the majority of your running in a good pair of running shoes. Don't make the classic mistake of trying to prepare for BUD/S by doing BUD/S.

        Mike Caviston
        Director of Fitness, NSWCEN


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          They are not currently using Bates in BUD/s, they are using Nike SFB Gen 2's.


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            definently not a good way to train for buds if all your doing is running in boots, thats a surefire way of setting yourself up for injury. But occasional running is not a bad idea, breaking in a boot by walking in them for a month or two will probably help loosen them up a bit and make them atleast a bit more tolerable to run in I would think.