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Requesting Help/Advice on Running Longer.

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  • Requesting Help/Advice on Running Longer.

    Hello, I am an upcoming sophomore in High School and I am wanting advice on being able to run longer, as of right now I am really struggling with my running, I am in better shape for my age but I am wanting to be in better shape when it comes to running, as of right now I am looking for advice on how to be able to run a mile easier as well as any advice on being able to run further and faster.

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    Hey man. I'm not a running expert, but I'd like to chime in and give you some advice I received that helped me. If you want to get better at running, you're going to have to do a little bit of running. I don't know what your experience level is, but I'd start out taking things slow. Don't try and jump straight into a high millage program. You want to build a good relationship with running, as well as your swimming, calisthenics, and weight training. Training doesn't always have to be fun, but its kind of a moot point (pointless) if you completely dread doing it. This is where intangible characteristics like discipline come into play. It's important to build those good habits now while you're still young. This summer just start running a couple times a week, and throw in what ever else you want to do (swim, cals, weight training). I'd recommend roughly following the PTG. Do 1 long run, and maybe start out doing it for time instead of distance. Start with 15-20 mins and work up from there. Then, I'd do an interval workout. You don't have to have a track either. Just run/sprint for 1-2 mins, then rest for a minute or two and repeat several times. If you can manage it, throw in a third run oriented towards recovery. Short and easy. There's also plenty of beginner run plans out there on google. Try one of the couch to 5k programs. Those are decent starting places. This also applies to swimming, in case you were wondering. Above all else, just be consistent. That's more important than anything I just told you. Good luck bud!


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      I highly recommend joining your track (2 mile, mile)/cross country team if its available. Because for the most part you will be competing with and against your peers every school day and meet during the season, which is a major benefit. I was lucky enough to compete at regionals my sophomore year and have come within inches of blacking out to get my team a placing. You will ultimately learn to run long distance comfortably.(whether you want to or not) And really the hardest part is the first few weeks of the season where you gradually build up to a comfortable pace/mileage. (albeit my cross country team wasn't running 80+ miles weekly)

      p.s. Try not to ever quit during a run, it will pay off big time in the future when you got a 7-8 mile run ahead of you.