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    I'm doing ok in terms of PST numbers except when it comes to running. I haven't ran for years, and when I try to run now, my legs ache for days or sometimes weeks after a 1-2 mile run. I am switching to low impact radio - cycling. I think that should help with radio as well as help build leg strength for the run. Any ideas on a goal for time and distance on the bike? Any experience with this would be helpful.

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    I don’t feel that cycling does anything for me except the ability to go out and sweat. I would try to work on running. Only way to get better is to do it. Walk then jog then run. Do some interval training. I honestly hate running but I am learning to just deal with it because running is necessary. Use the PTG or even some of those couch to 5k apps if you need too. Work on the short distances and then move your way up. Instead of focusing on distance just do it for time. Hope that helps.


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      I think you're right. Thanks man