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Daily length of training

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  • Daily length of training

    I couldn't really find a better section for this, but how many hours a day are you guys spending training? I just finished the first week of the PST and it was taking me between 2-3 hours a day. I work 11 hours a day at my job so I have had to split the day between morning and evening sessions. I am just trying to find a gauge to see if I am on the right track.

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    Re: Daily length of training

    I would say 2-3 hours is fairly normal when you include warm up/cool down/stretching etc... It is definitely time consuming since you must develop physical attributes across a wide range of fitness modalities. Splitting it up into two different sessions is actually preferable to one long session but in the end as long as the work gets done it really doesn't matter.

    Keep up the good work.


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      Re: Daily length of training

      I average about 2-3 hours a day which consists of:

      An hour for a LSD run or a series of sprints/intervals. (Done usually before work in the early morning.)
      An hour for a LSD swim or intervals.
      An hour for circuit/calisthenic work.
      30min to an hour for core work.

      A heavy day would include all of that. But, I've got it split up through out my week to keep things timely. I cut my hours at work from eight hours a day to six to help ease up the stress and I average about 5-6 hours of sleep a night. I'd sleep longer if I've got a light day ahead of me, but my body usually wakes up regardless.

      It takes a bit of time to arrange your time to get something that works though. When I found that I needed more time, I just cut time away from work and sleep.


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        Re: Daily length of training

        I think you meant to write PTG instead of PST :p

        I'm on vacation at the moment, but for me it's 7 continuous hours a day, every day except Sunday. Splitting the time between evening/morning is absolutely fine - there's no problem with working around your schedule. With your available time of 2-3 hours a day you can get a lot of things done, so if adding more time is not possible, no worries. As long as you can get your full workout, you'll be good to go.


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          Re: Daily length of training

          That's generally about the same amount of time I take when i'm not on a time crunch. The shortest I go is about an hour and a half a day, the most being up to 4 on the weekends. That being said, I would like to put in my $.02: don't worry about how others are training as long as you have a program that works for you.
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            Re: Daily length of training

            Originally posted by cbeebe1 View Post
            don't worry about how others are training as long as you have a program that works for you.

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              Re: Daily length of training

              I work full time at a job but I fit this in 6 days a week:

              60-90 minutes of running
              60-90 minutes of swimming
              30 minutes of pushups
              30 minutes of sit-ups
              30 minutes of pull ups

              those aren't exact, but it's usually pretty close to that... so 3-5 hours a day


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                Re: Daily length of training

                Thanks for the input guys. All good info.