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Simple PT Question about PTG not answered in the READ FIRST Post

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  • Simple PT Question about PTG not answered in the READ FIRST Post

    Hi, I just switched from the old BUD/S Warning Order to the PTG, was at week 6 of Warning Order and was influenced by others in this community to switch. At first I didnt want to, as I didint want to quit something I hadnt completed, as to me that is a sure way to DOR at BUD/S but I believe the effectiveness and organization of the PTG and the workouts overal are better so I switched. Anyways, the real question I have is about the sets and rest times of the PTG. In the warning order the entire PT workout should be completed without any rest. This is not so for the PTG as it focus' more on form and the negative movements of reps, so rest is essential. However, my question is whether the prescribed rest time is after "one" set of pushups, or any other exercise for that matter, or after a "cycle set" of pushups, then onto situps, then onto pullups...etc. Finally, another question I have is whether it is ok to incorporate other exercises such as dips and leg PT such as lunges squats and calf raises. I used to do these exercises in combination with the warning order PT on opposite days of the warning orders prescribed PT days, but now with the 5 days of PT for the PTG I cannot alternate, therefore my only option would be to add them onto my normal Push Sit Pull PT sessions. Thanks for all who read this and I would just like to thank everyone who contributes to this site as I have learned a ton of information relevant to training.

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    Re: Simple PT Question about PTG not answered in the READ FIRST Post

    the PTG is just the basis of your workout. flutterkicks, dips, leg PT, any workout you think will better your PT are allowed. I know i read somewhere on the guide that the few workouts it lists are not limiting you to just those. rest is good. proper rest can go a very long way in improving strength and endurance. hope this helps. train hard, but smart.
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      Re: Simple PT Question about PTG not answered in the READ FIRST Post

      I have addressed this, but here is a quick summary. If you are doing multiple sets of a single exercise like push-ups or pull-ups, take a short break (perhaps only a few seconds and no more than a minute or two) between sets – just enough time to maintain good form. Over time, you can try things like taking less recovery between sets of a given number (say 25) or doing longer sets (30, 35, etc.) with the same recovery. It’s not an exact science, so experiment a little. Remember that my recommendation is to limit your push-ups to no more than about 200 per day and pull-ups to about 50 per day, to avoid overtraining and free up time for a more balanced program with other complementary exercises. Construct balanced routines with both calisthenics and weighted exercises that challenge a variety of muscles and movement patterns, and move fairly quickly from one exercise to another with little or no recovery. This keeps the workout challenging and time-efficient. The trick is to alternate between pushing and pulling and between upper and lower body so that individual muscles get some recovery even though you are working the whole time.
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        Re: Simple PT Question about PTG not answered in the READ FIRST Post

        Ok that helps clear up some issues, i'll make sure to experiment with my rest times. The only thing that I still don't understand is if I should do one exercise focus at a time.....for example set of pushups short rest another set of pushups ... Continuing until I finish the prescribed amount of sets and then move onto the next exercise.....or should I take the approach of set of pushups....immediatly into situps...imediatly into pullups...and continuely doing the rotation until all exercises are complete. Thank you for your time and ycleaering up some issues.


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          Re: Simple PT Question about PTG not answered in the READ FIRST Post

          Yes you can do that, use Situps and Pullups as recovery for pushups keep moving the whole time, it's a good way to mix thongs up, much like a circuit.