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Question for Mr. Caviston on Lower Body Calisthenics

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  • Question for Mr. Caviston on Lower Body Calisthenics

    Hi I had a question on the structuring of my lower body PT workouts for the PTG. I know it is recommended to be used to doing lower body PT(such as Lunges, Body Weight Squats) for BUD/S, and as the PTG doesn't specifically address these I was wondering if I could get an official opinion on incorporating them into the PTG schedule. Currently, I am following the plan of 5 total upper body push,sit,pull days a week and 5 core training days a week. As stated by the PTG Push Sit Pull is done on Tue, Wed, Thur, Sat, Sun and core is done on Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sun. Because the core workout is shorter i decided to add my Leg PT onto those workouts. Is this an ok idea?

    Leg PT workout currently is 5 cycles with no rest of
    50 air squats
    20 lateral leg raises each side
    50 2 count lunges
    40 single calf raises each leg

    Is this an ok workout regimen to follow?

    Finally, on a side note what is the longest amount of time you should PT for(in relation to glycogen levels)

    Thank you for your time in reading my post, I hope you can help me in this situation.

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    Re: Question for Mr. Caviston on Lower Body Calisthenics

    Hey man I just did this at work. (i work at a full serve gas station alone that never really gets very busy. pretty sweet hook up) But this was a really good workout, Im not sure how long it took me but it definitely took some effort. Later today I am going to do some heavier weight leg lifting because I am really lacking in leg strength but I think I will do this once a week and add on a set every time I do it until I get to 10 cycles. I hope my legs hold up for the 6 miles I plan on doing later today cause they feel a little weak now. Haha Good training brother.


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      Re: Question for Mr. Caviston on Lower Body Calisthenics

      Glad you liked it! And working up to 10 cycles sounds like a good goal. Make sure whenever you work your legs you really helps haha. Keep training hard man!


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        Re: Question for Mr. Caviston on Lower Body Calisthenics

        Anyone have any information pertaining to this post that they can share?


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          Re: Question for Mr. Caviston on Lower Body Calisthenics

          The workout you posted is a fine workout. The weight training recommended by the PTG should probably, IMO, be with weights at least some of the time. The point of using weights is that you acclimate the muscles to larger than bodyweight loads, stimulating hypertrophy and strength gains. By no means should you limit your lower body workouts to only heavy weight lifting, but it should be included.

          Other lower body workouts have been put together specific to NSO training. There is a guide put together by a motivator, Roger Roberts, with exercise recommendations. I'm pretty sure that Mike Caviston has also posted more specifically on this subject before. A good idea is to search this site for his posts and read all of them.
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