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For those who have tried it (pull up topic)

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  • For those who have tried it (pull up topic)

    For those who have tried it, I want to know your method when doing stew smiths 10 day pull up program. Did you grease the groove all 10 days, grease the groove half and do some kind of workout like pyramids or such the other half? Do them all in one workout every day? And what were your results with the way you did it? My reason behind this question is because reading through the forums I’ve seen very mixed points of view regarding this mini program. I’ve seen some guys have small improvement, i seen one that was already at 20 and bumped up to 26, I’ve seen some who stopped due to getting injured, and I’ve even seen some who ended up having a lower max after the 2 weeks. I’m not asking for tips on improving my pull ups, just a question for those who have done it.

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    I almost did a full two pull ups today, I'm stoked


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      It sounds like you’re going a long way.