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What upper body workouts should I add on?

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  • Cdams522
    started a topic What upper body workouts should I add on?

    What upper body workouts should I add on?

    Right now the upper body workouts I do are bench press, overhead press, lat pull down, dips, bent over barbell row, seated cable row, and bicep curl. Anyone think I should add anything to it? Thanks!

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    Guest replied
    10 dive bomber push-ups every other day but do not exceed 10.

    One of the only advanced calisthenics workouts.

    Pretty much gets every muscle system in the body

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  • David579
    tricep extensions, lat pull overs, w raises, shrugs, inclined bench, decline bench, cable flys, face pulls, to name a few

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  • FrogMANnowN4ever
    I am a personal trainer and hoping to join someday, what I have been doing is:
    wake up
    cardio swim/run or both
    body weight exercises
    weights from a bodybuilding plan

    Now, I know you read everywhere to not follow a plan. However, follow the workouts and NOT the nutrition and supplement plan. The workouts will increase strength and muscle endurance and wont make you too big UNLESS you follow the nutrition plan in which case you will put on size.

    hope this helps

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