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Push-up training

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  • Push-up training

    Hi everyone! I am looking for some advice on improving my push-up scores. Currently I am able to do 55 push-ups without rest in the allotted time which I know I need to improve on. Are there any progressions or excersises that you would recommend to improve.

    My other scores are currently Swim 9:45. Sit-ups 70. pull-ups 16. and run 9:22
    Thanks for any help in advance!

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    Perform a variety of push ups and push exercises (regular, diamond, clapping push ups, dips, pike push ups, etc). Mix in different hand placements, dips, and suspension trainers (if you have one available). Ladders and pyramid workouts work well, in addition to sets to failure. Be creative but don’t overdo it. This website has several exercise videos detailing numerous push exercises you can incorporate into a workout. The same works for pull ups and sit ups.


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      Thank you for the advice! I will definetly incorporate some of those into my training


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        Have you gotten contracted yet with those scores? Just curious.


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          garrettmac89 , consider trying the Tabata timer that you can get on any app store for free. How I improved my push ups was I did various methods but this method helped tremendously! I did one full cycle at least three days a week, I set the timer for 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off and repeat for 4 minutes total. During the 10 second rest, stay in the "up" position. Another method I tried was I did gymnastic ring push ups and dips which targets range of motion as well as stability. Sometimes it could be a core issue as well! Add planks and glute bridges and practice activating your abdominal and glute muscles during your push up workouts. Other than that, it looks like you're on the right track! Don't be afraid to mix it up and take a rest day between push up workouts to ensure recovery...maybe you could try the schedule for a couple of weeks, take another mock PST and let us know how it works!


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            tippy305, I have not been contracted or even talked to a recruiter until i can hit optimal scores for the PST. It will make both of our lives much easier knowing that I can already pass with good scores before doing into DEP.


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              Yeah. push-ups... People really make it more complicated than it is. If you want to improve your push-ups, do push-ups. Sit-ups, do sit-ups. Pull-ups, pull-ups. The more you do in a shorter period of time, the better... I recommend just doing back to back to back push-ups for like an hour then switch and do pull-ups the next day back to back. And keep rotating.


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                Jeff Nichols push-up program works very well. It is not as easy as saying just do more. Increase the speed in which you do each rep of your pushups. Training to failure or close to train your body to be slow. Thats why running more does not get you a 8:30 1.5... Sprint work does.