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  • push ups

    My push up is about 84. trying to get at 100. I do the first 50, then rest for there 5 seconds, then do 10, rest for 5 seconds, and keep doing that till i top out at around 80. Should i just rep them out, or maintain this minor rest/ rep approach? Any ideas are appreciated.

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    You know what's great about calisthenics? You can do them just about anytime and anywhere. On break at work or your grandma's living room at Thanksgiving. If I have time, I get down and push a quick 50. I like to use ThenX 100 push ups a day. It's free on youtube, and helped me tremendously with push ups. I've worked myself up to 30 reps per set.

    make sure your steady with your repetitions and not burning yourself out early on the first 50 with fast push ups. I train the way it will be in A school, no rest. Engage your core so you have proper alignment. And don't forget rest days, can't keep it up or you'll never recover and improve.

    and I found out the hard way to continue to work your sit ups because push ups will build upper mass. ;)


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      What does your current training look like? And I agree, the only way to get better at doing push ups is to keep doing push ups.